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Yoga Classes

“I throughly enjoy yoga classes with Maja - if I have any questions regarding postures, she always helps me to understand how and what muscles I should be focusing on. I always leave the sessions satisfied with the challenges the classes bring, and in contrast, the relaxation element of the practice feels so much more rewarding after putting in some effort beforehand. Maja offers variations of each posture, so if you fancy something a bit more challenging you can see how you fair with that posture, and if it’s too much you can always scale back the intensity if you’d prefer a lighter, more relaxing variation. I do a lot of strength and conditioning training myself, so it really fills in all the gaps of what I might be missing in my own training, and brings a lot of flexibility to ease out all the tightness I end up with after a week of blasting it in the gym. I’ve been coming to Maja’s classes for a couple of years now, and I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else for my Yoga needs” - Donovan 

“A nice combination of a workout and relaxation, great classes”. - Mark


“Yoga has changed the way I move everyday and makes me want to look after myself and my body a lot more. I would definitely recommend it”. - Sarah


“Challenging, fun and relaxing!” - Tom 


Cacao Ceremony 


“ I joined the Cacao Ceremony with Maja and it was just magical. 

It was my first ceremony, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Maja made us all feel very welcome and comfortable. I had the most gorgeous night, meeting lovely people, connecting with myself and enjoying the whole practice.” - Amanda 


“Had the best night, exactly what I needed.” - Laura 


“The ceremony was beautiful and inspiring. I felt connected and had an amazing insights. I am so grateful for this experience” - Amelie 




Yoga for beginners


“A great workshop! As I am new to yoga it gave me just what I’d hoped for; The confidence to join regular classes, understanding of the practice and to be more knowledgable about yoga in general. Maja has been very helpful and has given me lots of tips for my practice. She is very knowledgable, kind and a great teacher! I’d recommend it to anyone!” - Sandra


“Good introduction to yoga, I was very happy with the workshop. Recommended for everyone new to yoga”

- Andrea  

Face Yoga

“I really enjoyed the Face Yoga Workshop - I haven’t realised how much tension I was holding in the face, and I have learned a lot about facial care” 

- Karin 


“I had a 1-1 Face Yoga session with Maja - I have been using the 1 month exercise plan and can already see the improvements in my skin, my face looks healthier and I feel great!” - Sarah


“I am surprised of how the facial exercises really do make a difference - I felt it straight away after the practice and I am looking forward to continuing the personalised program and see what it brings” 

- Anja

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