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Kitchari, simple cleansing Ayurvedic Dish

Kitchari is a nourishing yet simple Ayurvedic dish, which does wonders for our digestive system.

It can be used as a gentle way of cleansing and purifying the body, after we may have indulged throughout the holiday period or any time that we feel like we need a gentle reset.

Ayurveda is Indian holistic medicine system, that focuses on finding the balance between body and mind.


- 1 cup yellow split peas, mung dal or lentils

- ½ cup white basmati rice or brown long grain rice

- 2 tbs ghee or coconut oil (I use vegetable ghee)

- 1 tsp Ground coriander

- 1 tsp Ground cumin

- 1 tsp Fennel seeds

- 1 tsp Ground ginger

- 2 tbsp Black mustard seeds

- 2 tbsp Cumin seeds

- 2 tbsp Turmeric

- 2 to 5 Cardamon pods

- chopped seasonal vegetables (Carrots, butternut squash, broccoli, spinach...)

- Fresh herbs (as coriander or parsley) - 2 Bay leaves
5-8 cups of water

+ season to taste

*the recipe was inspired by East by West, Jasmine Hemsley

What else can we do to gently reset our bodies in winter and give them a rest, so they can build up a strong immune system and stay in balance?

- Drink plenty of warm water or herbal tea throughout the day

- Frequent but moderate gentle exercises (yoga, walking, slow running...)

- 1 tsp of Apple cider vinegar or a mug of water with lemon in the mornings before breakfast - Wholesome nourishing meals, full of vegetables, warming spices and fresh herbs

- Pranayama or breathing techniques to relax the nervous system so it can rest

- Meditation practice

- Journaling, art therapy or any other relaxing activities

Treat your body as your home.

It is a complex, yet beautifully integrated living thing that needs care, attention and love. Rest, digest and restore in winter, so you can keep your energy flowing through the rest of the seasons.

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