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About Me

My yoga journey started in early childhood, with yoga classes at my nursery and my favourite children’s book about animal yoga poses. 


I have always been fascinated by the body and movement; I remember as a child sitting cross-legged on the floor trying my best to meditate. I had no idea what was supposed to happen but I knew there was more to learn. 


The wondrous possibilities of the body and my love of movement got me into ballet, and I continued with more genres of dance, such as hip-hop and break dance. As I was training for many hours a day, yoga was essential for me to be physically and mentally prepared for performances and competitions. Towards the end of my study at Art College, I decided to break away from dance in order to dedicate more time to my own artistic development, as painting and creating are my other passions. 


In the same week that I left the dance studio, I joined regular yoga classes. My personal practice was already strong and consistent. I continued to study art at University, and it was during this time that I explored different styles of yoga. I moved to England in my second year of studying and soon after graduation I went to India to complete my yoga teacher training. 

I am constantly learning new things each day, as I take different workshops and classes to further my knowledge and passion for yoga.


My Vision 

Yoga has changed the way I move, live every day life and my perception of the world. 

I believe movement can dramatically improve the quality of life and contribute towards physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Yoga for me is like having a tool-box for self-help; it helps to build resilience and invites you to taking responsibility for your health on all levels.  

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